Monday, August 15, 2011

Surprise Gift from Portugal and Arizona!

Our last assignment from Raining Umbrella last Summer was gift exchange. I was so excited about this project and was looking forward to make something for my recipient, Sylvia Latham, a very creative gal who teaches art for living. As I sent along my gift, I received a surprise gift from Portugal!... Ana from Wonderland. Through taking Raining Umbrella, I got to know Ana a little bit more. Her blog has challenged me to be more creative everyday!.. Thanks Ana!

Here's her surprise gift, with a lovely note! :)

How personal is that? Love it, Ana!

And here is her beautiful photograph!... This photograph really reminds me of a vacation on a beach. Just a day of relaxation and enjoying the sun! I think I'm going to put this on a shadow box filled with some beautiful shells from the beach!.. What do you think?.. What would you do with this beautiful photograph? Suggestions welcome! :)

You can find some of her beautiful photograph pieces at her etsy shop.

Now, that same day, my sister also sent me a birthday gift. Made by her!... She is so talented!.. I love her jewelry design. She just started making her own jewelries, and oh my! I love all the things that she made. Check out my birthday gift:

She also has another set of these if you are interested in getting them for a gift at this link. Here's her listing. This one is in really pretty purple! :)

I hope you enjoyed my story monday this week!... Tune in for more Story Monday every week.

Live, Love and Be Creative,



  1. Wow, Ana really has a talent for photography! Her gift is beautiful and it's so sweet she wrote a personal note.

    How are you, Ira? xo

  2. YAY!! I'm so happy it finally arrived :) and that you truly like it. I thought it was a good memory of our Summer course as well (since it was in the Summer). I'm so happy! thank you so much for letting me know. xoxo

  3. I know!.. Ana has the eyes for good things!.. Love it very much, Ana!... Vicki, I can't wait to see yours as well!...


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