About Me


I'm Ira and I am a blessed daughter, wife, mom and sister to my family.
 I can't ask for anything more in my life, I am simply grateful for what has been given to me. 

Since I was a little, I have always enjoyed art. For me, art is deliberating. It is a way for God to tell me that life is exciting! Life is different! Life is unique! Creating has been something that I love to do and I found pleasure in it. At least for me, It is more rewarding to say to somebody - I made this compare to I bought this. 

I love designing, sewing, decorating, cooking, and entertaining. I found many inspirational things throughout my day that I love to share. My idea creating Live, Love and Be Creative blog is to share ideas to others, inspire their day, uplift/encourage their spirit through art, and hoping that my creations will help them create something even better. Overall, this blog is about exploring, creating, living, loving and appreciating the things and people around us. I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same.

Live, Love and Be Creative, 

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