Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crafting with Kids

Hi everyone, I hope you would forgive me for not posting so much fun creative stuff at LLBC. I have been looking at so many creative things related to crafting with kids. In some I have tried the inspirations with my daughter, Lucy.

Here are some fun things we did creatively.

Jellyfish and mickey mouse necklace

We also did something fun related to the sea world, cut out a lot of different shape of sea creatures and have Lucy glued and decorated them with stickers.


The thing with kids is that you have to find something that will occupy their mind, in the same time fills them up with creativity, unlimited imaginations. I found this interesting hat making for Sanrio theme at Pinterest, and I copied the DIY and did something quick with Lucy. Frog and rabbit hats.

A little monster face that I found on paper source blog, interesting enough to create a monster face that flaps open and ready to eat you when you put your finger inside. This turned out to be a really fun game for Lucy.

Our infamous rabbit paper bag, super easy to make and fun to remember.

And this little guys cat and cow paper craft is something I saw in a really interesting blog somewhere, you can just trace, cut and fold, instantly you got your paper animal.

New activity that she enjoys is finger paints. She just loves to make a mess out of this. That's the thing about kids. They love to be messy! I took a potato and cut them in half, carve a little bit in the inside and we got an instant stampl

And maybe you can add a little glitter too!... She's using brush for the first time.

There are many things you can do with kids... beauty is not a guarantee and we are still working on that. But the creativity and imagination that we set the kids to think about are priceless.

Live, love, and be creative,


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