Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that Caught My Eyes from Facebook

As I was looking through my facebook this morning, I saw three things that caught my eyes. One is a thank you note that my friend made, second was a picture of a bear in my friend's backyard, and third was a beautiful pizza made by my friend's pizza bar that just recently opened around the neighborhood.

Picture can say 1000 words more than what I can describe. So, here you go:

Here's a picture of a BEAR at my friend's backyard this morning!.. Shocking!!! It's a view from her window.

I've never seen a bear in someone's backyard before, but apparently they do come up once in a while when you live near the mountain area.

Last but not the least, below is a picture taken by my friend and it's a pizza by Bar Del Corso, a new pizza bar area in Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Live, Love and Be Creative,


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