Monday, July 18, 2011

Changing Seasons in My Life.

The next assignment of Raining Umbrella's E-course is to:

WRITE IT: What was the happiest season of your life? What was the most challenging?

CREATE IT: This weeks assignment is based on the theme "Changing Seasons". You have the choice of creating a project based on the four seasons of the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall) or on the seasons of life (childhood, adulthood, and old age). Seasons of life can also include birth, marriage, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

So I decided to do a little collage about changing seasons of my roles in life. My role as a daughter to my mom and dad, a sister to my two siblings, a wife to my husband, and now a mother to my daughter. It's all going back in a circle as I can see it. Each of the collage I also put the things that I'm grateful for in each role's season.

So, here they go: 
My season as a daughter:
1.      I’m thankful for my mom, for her unconditional love, dedication, patience and wisdom in raising her three beautiful daughters with grace and sophistications.
2.       I’m thankful for my dad, for his love and support throughout my growing time from childhood to an adult. Dad, your legacy still lives in my heart. I love you.
3.       I’m thankful for the values and morals that my parents taught me.
4.       I’m grateful for the opportunity that was given through my parents to achieve higher education for my future.
5.       Most importantly I am thankful for my faith. For all of the prayers for my salvation, and for all the knowledge of the Word of God that was taught by my parents.

My season as a sister :

1.       I’m thankful for my oldest sister for always sticking by me. She always wants the best for me and thinks of me as her best friend. I learned to be stronger through her stories, and experiences.
2.       I’m thankful for my youngest sister for being a role model for me in life, her adventurous spirit, and her keen characters made me a better sister.
3.       I’m thankful for a moment in life when the three of us got to spend time together in Arkansas and discovered our bond as sisters.
4.       I’m thankful for even though we’re far apart by location, but we never stop calling each other all the time and talk about anything in life and never get bored to hear each other’s voice.
5.       I’m thankful for their godly characters and wisdom that they imparted to me.

My season as a wife:

1.       I’m thankful to God for being the best matchmaker for me and my husband. I’m simply thankful for my husband.
2.       I’m thankful that I get to spend each day with my husband. I love spending time with him
3.       I'm thankful for my husband's characters, he is patient, kind-hearted, and generous.
4.       I'm so grateful that I get to kiss him everyday and tell him how much I love him.

My season as a mom:

1.       I’m thankful for my daughter, she is a gift and blessing from heaven.
2.       I’m simply amazed of the small things she does, that seems to be really small, but it's a big progress for her. I am grateful that I get to see that.
3.       I love to hear her cry, smile, babbling, laughter, and to see her through when she's looking at me with her innocence eyes.
4.       I'm so grateful that I get to enjoy her and spending time with my little girl, that will soon grow up to be a beautiful woman. I just want to treasure every moment.

Live, Love and be Creative



  1. Ira, this is so beautiful and inspiring. You put a lot of thought, time, and creativity into it and it was fun getting to know you better. :)

  2. I sign under all Vicki's words. all the things you're thankful of just lifted my spirit :) thank you so much for sharing your heart.

  3. What a beautiful family! Such a great way of expressing this lesson.

  4. Great thoughts Ira! To God be the Glory! His influence is so evident in your thoughts and life.

  5. Thank you everyone for uplifting comments!... I'm so encouraged by it.


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