Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beauty and Whimsical


The last week's exercise for Raining Umbrella is to describe, draw, or photograph the word 'Whimsical'. Since I have not done the 'beauty' exercise too, I thought I would post something related to both of these topic. Let me just introduce you to a really fun artist, her name is Kelly Lish. She is from Portland, OR and she is an amazing whimsical painter. Her art is mainly mixed media. The basic materials that she uses are acrylics, ink, pastels, collage and wax.

For me, her work really reflects whimsical aspect of life. Also, she mostly portrays women in her art work, which makes me think of the word 'beauty'. Beauty is also reflects in the innocence face of a women or child, in which she depicts a lot in her artwork.

Blessings of Love and Angel of the roses mixed media.

She let her music fill her soul and Mermaid and Seahorse

What is your definition of whimsical and beauty in our culture? Have a great weekend everyone!.. See you next week.

Live, love and be creative,



  1. Once again, beautiful choices, Ira! I'd love to see something that you've created, too. ;)

  2. I'll post something I create sometimes next week. Thanks, Vicki!


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