Monday, July 25, 2011

Edit images for free with online photo editor, Pixlr.

Recently I stumbled on a totally free online photo editor called Pixlr. There are few things you can do with it, you can edit your content online. You just need your browser and internet connection. You can edit in a manual way with Pixlr editor or you can express edit your image using Pixlr Express.

In Download and Print, you can have template freebies and they will teach you how to use the online editor.

The other thing you can do with Pixlr - is that you can make image look vintage. Recently I blog (titled 'Home') about a cool  cool iPhone apps called Instagram? This editor can do the same thing as that app.

Want more cool things from Pixlr, you can also choose their Pixlr Grabber , where it lets you right click on any image in a webpage and load it into pixlr for editing. These only work in Firefox and Google Chrome. Firefox will also let you capture the whole or parts of the browser content (print screen).

Check out Download and Print Freebies. You might like their free downloadable invitations.

The Hydrangea Set invitations (Free to download)

Live, Love and Be Creative.


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