Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Neon trend

Neon has been around for a long time. At one point it was very popular in the 80's, where in one out of three American would own something that has neon color. Neon made a comeback in the past year or earlier. In fashion, card making, and accented items.

Here's a fun neon party that was put together by a founder of Hello!Lucky for their two years old. See detail more on their link.

Party supplies: neon balloons / plastic animal masks / neon duct tape / neon play-doh / neon shutter shades / neon food coloring (for the cake)

Neon DIY has also been rising and it really made a difference to add that extra pop of color. See below DIY Thank you plant for teachers from Hellobee.

What's your Neon crush?.. There are more to see that will inspire you to try these amazing neon colors.

 Your everyday accessories: Source from pinterest

Source: Pinterest 

Whatever your project is, when you add a little bit of neon, it will create a diference and surely lighten up your house, fashion style and party.

Live, love and be creative!


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