Monday, July 18, 2011

Joy = Create


Have your ever feel so joyful after you create something for yourself or others?... I do, I feel like I accomplish a lot and feel so joyful after creating them.

Last week at the church, my friend, Sandy requested me if I would create a fanny pack for her before she goes to school for two-months in Europe. So, I have been thinking and conceptualizing the idea in my head. So early last week, I started to sketch of the purse that I wanted to make.

Making this purse is my first project, and I really enjoyed making them, even though it took longer than I thought I would be. I learned that I need to do a lot of preparation when it comes to creating a purse/fanny pack - it's not like you just take it to your sewing machine.

All right, it's time to share some photos.

I had to make these sketches first, just to make sure that I laid it all right.

I took this tutorial from A Sewcial Life Blog as the clutch's base work. Some tutorials that I saw were also from this website.

I had the tutorial to make the inside pocket zipper - from U hand-bag blog. The rest I just winged it by imaginations and few sketches.

Here's the final piece of my first fanny pack. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to take photos of the process- but I promise, next time I will do that.

Live, Love, and be Creative,



  1. Wow you are really talented! Your friend is one lucky lady. ;)

  2. it's so beautiful, love the colour combination

  3. Wow, I have never seen such an adorable fanny pack! So beautiful!


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