Monday, July 11, 2011

Creativity (krē′ā tiv′ə tē)


This week I'm focusing on the word 'creative' as part of raining umbrella's exercise. This is a great exercise to think about along with our assignment to create a 7 day journal of being creative each day. I kept thinking about the word 'Creative' and it struck me that Creativity is about idea that is being put into a piece of paper, and then move along into a project and finally the creative piece is invented.

Being creative means to put into action whatever the idea is in your mind. Sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it does. You just have to find the patient with it.

After analyzing how I put together creative piece, let me share with you a little bit of my creative process.

First, ideas come from different sources and events. Some of them are through conversations with friends, reading magazine, blogs, or even being in an event like weddings, baby shower, etc. Many times idea happens by looking at normal, everyday objects and simply wanting to make it better.

Second, Once an idea comes in your mind, it's good to write it down in a piece of paper, type it in your phone or anything that would remind you with the project. Many times I let good ideas passed just because I forgot to jot it down to remind myself. Even if I don't create anything, but I won't forget the idea.

Third, Draw/sketch your ideas. If you are a visual person like me, I would recommend you to draw/sketch your ideas. Make it a permanent visual in your head and let it be a determination for you to create.
Image is found here.

Fourth, Prep the things you need or start creating your piece. Do research of what others have done, what you can do differently to make it unique. Even if the idea has been invented, you can always personalize and customize your own creation. Just like what Vicki mentioned in her article about cultivating Creativity - You need to find time to create.

Fifth, once you are done with your creation, ENJOY them! Brag about them, show it off to your friends! I always so proud of myself whenever I did something creative or when I find the time to do it in the midst of my busy time.

There goes what is in my mind about the word 'Creative'


  1. I think YOU should teach a class, Ira! I was inspired by what you wrote. :)

  2. Great blog post! Thanks for the lesson :)


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