Friday, July 8, 2011



This week's Raining Umbrella's Exercise is to draw, design or photograph the word "WISDOM".

Ever since I am blessed with my daughter, Lucy, I have been praying for a lot of wisdom to not take this gift for granted and wasted it. I asked God to give me wisdom from above in raising up my daughter. To have the wisdom from above is not easy, it means that I have to pray for it and seek for it. Pray everyday for the ability to see the future through everyday glasses and raise my daughter in the manner that would bring the best out of her and of others around her. Seek for wisdom everyday through experienced parents and family friends and learn from them.

Here's my thought on wisdom.

Live, love and be creative



  1. Oh, this is just beautiful, Leslie. You put so much heart into and it. I bet your daughter is a doll. :)

  2. so very wise Ira! love it :) I'm sure you're doing a great job because I can tell you put your heart in it. xoxoxo

  3. Very touching and a lovely collage too :)


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