Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ideaology of Whimsicality

Last week I mentioned something in my comment post to Vicki from Simply Hue in my blogpost about Beauty and Whimsical that I will show something that I create of the topic "whimsical" (part of the exercise of Raining Umbrella). Today, I'm going to show you my idea of whimsical. For me, whimsical depicts something that is out of the ordinary. It is something different and often times impossible to achieve without imagination.

I love this exercise topic, because the word whimsical itself forces me as artist to create something different from my usual approach. I made a drawing of my daughter, and anything around her consists the topic of nature.

I have a few more drawings that I'd like to show you in the next few posts, they're not done yet, however, I promise I will show you more whimsical drawings. One of these days, I'll take those drawings and turn it into a painting :)

What do you think about the word 'whimsical'?

Live, love and be creative.


  1. you should definitely draw more Ira. it's lovely! your daughter is truly an inspiration in your life :) I've started a weekly Photo Challenge in wonderland. would love to have your contribution too. xoxo

  2. Thanks Ana!... Hey- I would love to be part of your weekly photo challenge.. I'll go check out at your blog.


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