Friday, August 12, 2011

Let me introduce you: Ashey from Make It and Love It

This week's spotlight artist is Ashley from Make it and Love it Blog. Ashley is a wife and mom of three beautiful children. She is truly an inspiration for me. I love her creativity. She could simply make hard things look simple to do with her sewing projects.

Read more about Ashley.

Here are few of her amazing sewing projects. Be ready to be amazed! And Yes! She did it all by herself!

Recovering a Baby Car Seat. // Stripping the old car seat and refashioned it.

Breezy Skirt with Lace and Fabric Strips

Flowered Pillow Cover

Flip Flop Refashioned

And many more, check out her blog: Make It and Love It. Check out also her shop, where she sells many of her sewing pattern at a very affordable price.

Live, Love and Be Creative,


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