Friday, August 26, 2011

Mocii: Free Vector Graphic and Art Design Blog

The other day, I was browsing for ornamental vector art and I stumbled on this blog called Mocii: Free Vector Graphics and Art. I was very pleased on the large collection of freebies in this blog. You can find many things such as free vector art, textures, background, photoshop brushes, photo stock, etc.

To download the file, it will take some time, but it is free. However, you can speed up your download by purchasing the premium fee from filesonic. Depending on your internet connection, free download option might take a little bit longer than usual. 

Vector selection:

Photoshop brushes selection:

Photo stock selection:

Icon selection:

To open the files (.rar), you must have an application that will allow you to open it. I use unRarx for opening in Mac. You can also use 7-zip, or winRar to open with PC. 

So if you need to get some freebies for vector, photoshop brushes, etc, be sure to check Mocii for their selections! : )

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