Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simple Skirt Inspiration Board

Sewing can be pretty intimidating if you have never tried them out. However, if you have a sewing machine, you can do a very simple project like making skirts. I have gathered inspiration board to help you get started with simple sewing or non-sewing project - we'll start with Simple Skirt!

My favorite blog of all time, Dana from Made Blog, helped me starting my simple skirt project. She made everything look so easy!... and she's right! It was really easy!

Simple Skirt Tutorial Blog from Made Blog

Once you mastered the simple skirt tutorial and its techniques, you can jump to more complicated skirt pattern/design. Here are some other inspirations that will help you be creative in making simple skirts.

01. Scrappy Skirt How-to by Polka Dot Chair. // 02. Ruffled Skirt Tutorial by Grand Revival Design. // 03. Ruffle Waist Skirt Refashioned by Ruffles and Stuff // 04. Martha Stewart's Suede No Sew Skirt. // 05. Murphey's Layered Skirt by Ruffles and Stuff. // 06. Reversible Skirt Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff. 07. Darling Skirt by A Little Sweetness.

Make sure to check these few tips: Ruffles and Stuff also have tutorial how to sew ruffles. Dana from Made have tutorial how to sew buttonholes, Gathered Pockets, and make your own bias tape.

I hope these skirts will inspire you to start sewing!

Live, love, and be creative,


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