Monday, August 1, 2011

Tip on How to Stay Being Creative

Welcome to Story Monday - I thought this week would be fun to start off our story Monday with sharing my own story about how I started to get back on creativity.

If you are an artist, maybe you have struggled with finding your creative niche, or keeping that creative juice within you, or even starting/continuing a creative project that you have once had in mind to do or have postponed. I was once missing from the creative world for quite a long time, but ever since the birth of my daughter, inspirations started to come up and new ideas soon developed into creative projects.

I have had many late night sleeps, trying to get those ideas I have in mind come into reality. The little time I have in hand, becomes more precious as time goes by. It always started with ideas, then it became a process of thought, and I would write it down, at least I could visually see and remember to work on those ideas. After these process of thoughts had been written down carefully, then I started to gather materials and work on to making those ideas into reality.

One thing I learned about being what I called myself "an artist", is that I just have to DO IT! I have few years of silence, thinking of new ideas, but never wrote it down or even thought about the process carefully. Those ideas in the past went away just like a vapor in the wind.

Just Do It! is Nike brand's tagline. They have been so successful delivering this message for a while now. That tagline just works! THINKING is different than ACTING. Have you ever been in any play before? When you read the script in your mind is different feeling than when you say and act it out.

Start with a journal. Write down your process of thought. Make it into reality. Bottom line is 'Just Do It!

Christine Kane has written an article of 21 ways on to be more creative that you might have fun reading it.

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Live, Love, and Be Creative.


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