Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Ice Cream Party and craft Inspiration Board

All the heat in the summer, it's getting nice out there. It's about high 77 degrees Fahrenheit in Seattle. I know for most of you, that's like winter!... But it makes me think of ice creams and ice teas!... Let me indulge you more with these thoughts.

Okay here's one from Bakerella, the Ice Cream Cone cakepops. She is a really amazing baker/crafter!... All of the creative ideas can be seen in her baking. 

Let me tell you something: Today is my Birthday! :) That's why I have been thinking about ice cream a lot today. If you see what I'm eating right now - you will tell me not to get Ice cream today -I have almond croissant on my left and black and white cookie from specialty on my right.  They are both my favorite treats. But don't let me discourage you from looking at below inspirations. You will love it!

Let's start with our Summer Ice Cream Inspiration board. 

01. Ice Cream Sunday Knitted Hat. // 02. How Sweet it is by Crafting Girl. // 03. No Melt Pops Invitations by Martha Stewart. //. 04.  Popsicle Ice Cream Party Complete invitation by InkSpotWorkshop. // 05.Tutorial: Ice Cream Cone Party Hat by the Sweet Peach Paperie. // 06. Summer Party Projects by Papernstitch.

Also- take a peep at these amazing ice cream recipes that I found at Martha Stewart, Pistachio Sundae, Marshmallow cookie sandwiches, affogato, and Tiramisu Sundaes

That's all Ice Cream inspiration for today, hope you enjoyed them. For more inspirations, check out the Inspiration Board Page.

Live, Love and Be Creative,



  1. found your blog thru my friend Sinar. I don't regret coming here. such an inspiration blog! Love your story as well. Happy birthday!

  2. I'm glad you found the blog! I am also inspired by your blog! :) Lovely pictures you take on your blog!


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