Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skillshare, an Online Tool Resource of Learning

Skillshare is an amazing online resource to learn pretty much about anything from expert people like you and me. We all are good at something. Skillshare opens up that opportunity for experts to share their knowledge in a form of online class. It is a global learning community where you can learn real-world skills from real people (that is their motto).

Classes are varies from art, fashion, design, coding, cooking, writing, etc. To enroll, you simply just need to sign up and pay the class fee. The class is very affordable - usually from FREE to $50 (the most expensive I've seen).

I am taking this class from this amazing fashion illustration designer, Katie Rodgers at Paper fashion. The class is called Illustrating your favorite Runway Looks. Her work is amazing!

The thing about creativity is that - the more you learn and the more resources you have, it will add to your creativity in unexpected ways. Next time you decide to learn something new, check out Skillshare and you will be surprise what you will find. 

Live, love and be creative,


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