Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recycling Baby food Jars into Hair Accessories Storage

I have so many baby food jars from Gerber. They are the 4 oz ones. I love the idea of keeping them, because I know that one day I might need them for something, but since I have no place to put them, so I have been storing them in an Amazon box. And I have not been doing anything to make them useful. This week's project has been trying to make use of Gerber jars into something artsy and creative.

Here's project one: Making them into Lucy's hair accessories storage. Lucy has so many hair accessories, and it's nice if her momma organize it a bit for her.
Here's the tutorial.

Materials I use:
1. Glue Gun
2. Fiskar round and square template
3. Fiskar cutter
4. Cutting Board
5. Label Maker
6. Baby food Jars
7. 1/4" Satin Ribbon.

First, I have 5 of the baby food jars. They just had them labeled with the label maker. My attempt is to make these jars look more decorative.
First I made several cuts using my fiskar cutter and template to make two sizes of circle shape and 1 size of rectangular shape for labeling.

After cutting them in those shapes, start gluing them on the top side of the jar's lid. Here's how it looks after you glue them.

You see how the side area still show the manufacturer's brand? We're going to glue the ribbon on them to cover it.

All right, now the top lid is ready. Let's work on the side area of the jar. Remember those rectangular shapes that we cut last time, we're going to use them for labeling on the side area. Here's how its look like with the side label.

Now, we're going to use our label maker to print our labels. If you don't have a label maker, you can just write your labeling, make it more personal. I use Dymo Label Maker. It's small, portable and only requires 4 AA batteries. It can save multiple words in your folder and have different font and size format, complete with borders and font styling (i.e. underline, outline, etc)

Once you printed all your labels, you can now paste them  into your jars. I put the label in two positions, one on top of the lid, and the other one on the side label (rectangular shape).

And here's how it looks on the side labeling.

That's it for today, tune in next week for more tutorial. Have a wonderful day!

Live, Love and Be Creative,


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