Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Season Approaching.

Sorry I've been missing in action lately. Holiday is approaching and everything gets so busy all of a sudden. Plus a sick baby and everyone in the house had to share germs. Lucy had a high fever these past weeks and before that me and Patrick had it too. It was just too crazy all of a sudden. We are now healed and better! There's always a reason to be grateful, health is one for sure in our family!

Now that the holiday season is approaching. Here are few things I'd like to share with you to inspire your days. This week, I'm going to give you a lot of entertaining ideas for Fall season and Thanksgiving. Be ready for that.

Tomorrow, let's talk about decorating ideas for Fall season.

Live, Love and be Creative,



  1. Sorry to hear you and your family were not well. Glad you are feeling better now and are back to blogging. We don't have thanksgiving here in the uk. It would be nice if we did though :)

  2. Rachel, thank you for your support!.. I love your new website and I am looking forward to see what you have with the new direction!...


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